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I love a good hamburger. Who doesn’t?! Even vegetarians and vegans create a burger they can enjoy. While some would say I have refined tastes when it comes to food, that cannot be so clearly qualified when it comes to burgers. I’ve had really simple and very gourmet burgers. One thing I have concluded is that the price of the burger is not equivalent to the taste.

Very recently I had a Whopper Jr. This and several other fast food (or as my dear husband calls them “quick trash”) burgers are a guilty pleasure. This Whopper Jr. was fantastically delicious. I am sure it was not made to BK training manual specifications. It was very sloppy…dripping with ketchup and mayo, a few too many pickles, just enough wilted lettuce, sliver of tomato and onions on the brink of funky…PERFECT. That is the way I like my Whopper Jr. I ate it at home with a cold beer and a homemade baked potato. I was a happy woman. Cost? About $1.50 with tax.

Even more recently (last night), my dear husband went to a local, well regarded restaurant and picked up two burgers and some eccentric nachos. The nachos were…well…different. They were not bad at all, just not what I expected. The four year old avoided the spicy parts, I tried to avoid the very soggy parts, the husband finished the dish agreeing that they were “different” and very rich. This is not about the nachos, I digress. Ok, so then there were the burgers. Husband had a pork burger. It was tasty with a lot of seasoning and barbecue sauce flavor. It didn’t seem to be loaded with any toppings and the bun was just ok. I had a traditional burger, cooked medium with cheese, tomato jam, lettuce and slivers of red onion (that is how they make it, the only customization was the temperature and the cheese). Burger was ok. Oh, and both came with some kind of potato wedges. The weren’t fries…they were some sort of melange of regular and sweet potatoes tossed beside the burgers. They did not look good and did not taste good. They were wrinkled, soggy pieces of potato. In the end, I concluded that the meal may have been better if we’d eaten it on plates, in the restaurant instead of opting to carry out. However, if a restaurant is going to offer carry out, the meals should be just as good at home (taste, presentation, etc.). Some dine-in establishments have separate carry-out menus to ensure the meals that go home with customers are those that travel well and won’t damage their reputation. On top of all that the two burger and the nachos were about $40!! Yes…that is not a typo.

I enjoyed the $1.50 Whopper Jr. a heck of a lot better. Furthermore, there are other bars, restaurants and “carry-out” places around town that make a much better burger for the same price (about $12) or LESS. Additionally, some local spots have half price burger nights where I can get a great burger for even less than usual.

Again, I love a good burger…even when the “burger” has suspicious origin and/or contents. Sometimes it just depends on my mood. Sometimes I want the King, the Golden Arches…a lot of times I want White Castle, but sadly, I don’t live near one. I like Five Guys…love their fries! But what is with them not offering milkshakes?! (Luckily there is a Five Guys right near a Chick-fil-a, so I can get a great burger and a great shake in one shopping center…but still two lines 😦 ) There are even some new places and some that are just new to the region that I haven’t tried yet. Maybe this winter will be the “winter of the burger”!! What better time to have a burger tasting than the coldest months of the year when people get obsessed with roasted fowl.

I’ll try to be somewhat scientific with this study. I will post in March with my findings. If you want to join me, drop me a line. So many burgers, so little time…and I am a little woman, so I might need help with the tastings.