There is nothing like a nice hot bath. I think I could soak for longer than is probably recommended. I like a bath much better than a shower. Additionally, I think I am cleaner (the research is inconclusive). I know I feel better, my skin looks better, and my skin feels much softer (for days) after a bath. I have a friend who has very soft skin. I always thought it was product: lotion, soap, oils. Turns out the house doesn’t have a shower, just a bath tub. When I discovered this, I thought about how soft my son’s skin is. He doesn’t shower…he’s 4. So I started taking baths more often and voila! Taking the time to run a bath and just sit still in the tub is meditative and peaceful. I often bring reading material in with me, but I often don’t even touch it. I like the rare moment of just being with myself and my thoughts. Now that it is cold, and hot bath has its pros and cons. Pro: it still has all the benefits of a bath. Con: the windows in my old house are a little drafty and the ice cold air penetrating the bathroom is a rude assault to any body part above the water line, and even worse when I get out altogether. If the bath is hot enough, that helps. However, I can sometimes over do it. I have had baths so hot that I thought I might pass out and then couldn’t exit the tub without assistance. It sometimes defeats the purpose of a peaceful moment if I have to be sure someone is home to save me from myself. I have tried romancing myself: candles, bubbles, music, wine. Turns out too much bubbles can wreck havoc with the lady-parts. I don’t mind a pure water bathe. Candles sometimes make the bathroom too, ummm…I don’t know, spooky, smokey, fragrant, church-like. Not to mention my slight concern I might accidentally start a fire in there. Music is nice, but I don’t own a device that is water/steam friendly. (I know they sell them. So far, not in the budget.) It goes without saying that the few times I tried to enjoy a glass of wine with my bath, things did not go well. Alcohol and a hot soak: not a good match–especially if I am home alone.

So, I will continue to enjoy a bath every now and then. In the interest of water conservation and time efficiency, a shower gets the job done for regular hygiene needs. But there is nothing like the cheap thrill of a nice warm bath.