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So here we go again. Another year another title football game. I am excited by this one, even though neither of my teams made it to the big game. I mean, finally…a championship football game outdoors, in the elements, as nature and the NFL originally intended. Not to mention the fact that (although) the stadium is new) the game is going to be held in a place that is near and dear to my heart for so many reasons…E. Rutherford N.J. !!

Now, if you’re like many fans, your team didn’t make it to the big dance either. So you’re deciding for whom to cheer: the team you hate the least, the team in your division, the team with the colors you like most, the team with the best looking coach or players? Maybe you are going to watch for the commercials. Even though in recent years they have been lackluster. Are you excited for the half-time entertainment? Maybe you are looking forward to the TV shows coming on after the game. (Yes, that is a thing now…trying to grab viewers…why not?)

Who are we fooling? You’re excited by all of the excuses you’ll be able to make for eating way too much football food fare! Chips, wings, and all sorts of creative munchies. All of the morning shows have been supplying viewers with standards and new ideas for party palate pleasures…from avocado to zucchini. I am betting that Super Bowl weekend is when most New Year diet resolutions are abandoned. I am not hosting nor have I been invited to a viewing party this year, but I’ve already planned so delicious snacks for watching the game. I am being resourceful…I did not buy anything. I am going to use what is on hand. Even thinking about it, got me all giddy. And I realized I can make snacks out of just about anything. Just last night (well, early this morning actually) I wrapped some swiss cheese in pastrami, put that on crackers, zapped it in the microwave for :30 seconds and voila…tasty little snack. I even had a nice bit of coarse mustard for dipping. I like the fact that I won’t have to feed a crowd. And since I am a “grazer” with a like minded four year old, four hours of snacks is right up our alley.

I am sure some folks will be making great chili, brownies, nachos, etc. And don’t get me started on all the drinking! Who’s with me…Super Bowl Monday should be a holiday!? Who can do all of that eating and drinking and be in any shape for work or school the next day? Of course many will spend that Monday talking about the game, the commercials, the half-time show…so very little work will get done anyway. I bet Pepto sales go sky high on Sunday/Monday as well…lol. And there will be bets to collect on, so people have got people they need to see soon after the big game. It looks like we may be in for more snow on Monday, so perhaps things will work out for a lot of folks here.

Where ever you watch (if you watch at all), whatever you eat and drink, be careful, be kind (both to yourself and others) and be safe getting home (or upstairs to the bathroom & bedroom).