The other day I saw a post on-line about having to “struggle” by eating hot dogs on sliced bread. Any one who grew up with limited funds for the luxury of hot dog buns, know of this culinary necessity. One friend of mine doesn’t buy buns to avoid bread redundancy in her home. A cousin commented that he likes hot dogs on sliced bread because one can put multiple hot dogs in it. A woman who I like, but have never met in person is my Facebook “friend”. We both like hot dogs (that is now how we became “friends”…lol). Shannon saw my cousin’s post and dubbed him a “fat genius”. She describes it this way “Its when you think of a way to make terrible food even more terrible for you but its so delicious who cares!” I love it!! This common way of thinking is probably how we became Fb friends. I am a “fat genius”. Ironically, I am the furthest away from fat a person can be and not have an eating disorder. I love fatty foods. I love making high fat (and some healthy) foods. There is a pleasure derived from eating rich and sinful food that has no substitute for me. Balance is the key. Lucky for me, I have balance, when it comes to food. Otherwise, I could certainly see someone having to cut me out of the house by now.

I have always loved grilled cheese. As a child I liked to keep it simple. American or Muenster cheese, bread and butter. With some canned tomato soup…yum. My favorite breakfast is “toasted cheese”, essentially an open-face cheese sandwich prepared under a broiler. In college someone made me one with Swiss cheese, tomato and thick slices of white onion. Very tasty. Since then, I’ve been making grilled cheese magic in my own kitchen. I haven’t met one yet that I didn’t like. So many options, so little time. It doesn’t always have to be complicated. Grilled cheese brings me joy whether simple or complex.

Shannon Cassidy, this is a “fat genius” sandwich for you. I’ve been making and eating them this week. 🙂 Bonus: you could assemble them ahead of time and then grill them when you want them.

Two slices potato bread
half an onion, sliced, caramelized (super good with a sprinkle of salt and thyme…this is something to do in advance or just add raw onion)
50/50 horseradish/mayo mixture (with fresh ground black pepper)
two slice provolone cheese
about four slices of good quality roast beef (med-rare)
two Tablespoons butter

Assemble sandwich: bread, mayo mix, slice of cheese, onions, beef, second slice of cheese, mayo mix, bread
Put one T of butter in a hot skillet, place sandwich in pan, cook until browned (about 2 min on med-high); lift sandwich out on spatula
Put 2nd T of butter in pan, flip and cook other side of sandwich (again about 2 mins.

Cheese is all melted and you’ll need to be alone with your sandwich and beverage of your choosing. (I usually choose beer.) Enjoy!