How much do I like food? Well, I realized yesterday that all of my close friends and family have nicknames. And all of those nicknames are food. Pumpkin (my boy), Nutmeg (my dog, Douglas), Honey/Sweetie/Squash/etc. (husband), Aunt Cookie, my grandpa’s nickname was Pie (I didn’t give him that name…he used to steal pies off of window sills as a child), my good friend I call “Burger”…she calls me “Chicken Wing” (long story).

My point is this. If I am at a loss, food items always work. Hey there muffin! It is usually a sweet, but not always. I’ve said “what a cute little Bacon Bit” to babies. My MIL says crazy people “must be on donuts!”…lol.

Humans have a very intimate relationship with other humans and food. It is no wonder that we try to combine them when we can. George Castanza, you went too far!!