So… I’ve been cataloging all of my yarn in a cloud-based organizational tool:
a) I have a lot of yarn, (drowning in it at the moment).
b) I have paid a king’s ransom for most of the yarn I have
c) I have some REALLY NICE yarn
d) I don’t need any more yarn. TONS of projects yet to be completed (but I am expecting a shipment this week…lol)
e) I’m not done yet…two days and I’m tired as all get out after several hours of recording my stash
f) I was clearly using yarn as therapy in 2012! (seems from the receipts I did a lot of buying that year. If you know my situation that year, you’d understand.)
g) Everybody needs a hobby.
h) Now I can better keep track and get some projects done.
i) No…the answer is no. (So don’t even ask!)
j) Thank goodness for Ravelry ! But I do have a few suggestions…

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