I like cake. I like cookies better, but I do like a good cake. Always have…since my Easy Bake Oven days. I was often the one conscripted by my grandmother (quite high praise by the way) to make the cake for family dinners and special occasions. To this day I am well regarded for my cookies and cakes.

For a while, I’ve toyed with the idea of a cake menu. I’d sell cake and it would be a different cake every month. Customers would subscribe. That way, I’d only have to make one kind of cake each month. (And I’ve got control issues…lol.) That never came to be. In part it was laziness, other part is I don’t fancy myself as a commercial baker / business owner. I bake for fun. But I had a whole list of twelve cakes and some alternates.

Now I’m on a new mission fifty-two cakes! One cake a week for a year. So far I’m two months in and it’s going really well. Why? Oh well, like most things, it became a coincidence that I’d baked a cake a week for four weeks and then I just kept going. It started with my purchase of a heritage Bundt pan. I love this pan. Chomping at the bit for a chance to use it, I volunteered to make a cake for a family birthday. It was beautiful and tasty. Pleased with myself, I made another the following week (different flavor) and a traditional bundt the week after that (again in another flavor). That led to me looking up cake recipes…and here we are.

I’ve realized again how old fashioned I am. I like having a cake in the house. It is great in the morning with coffee. It is also nice to have cake available to offer to guests who drop by. And unlike cookies, we usually aren’t tempted to sit and eat cake until there is no cake left. With cookies, two here, two there, two after dinner…before you know it you’ve eaten 8 cookies (I know, that is actually six, but you get where I’m going with this.) And cake can be sliced into small slices or large slices, so portion control is better with cake (again, who is going to eat ONE cookie!?)

It helps that is is fall and cooler weather is conducive to baking cakes in my early 20th Century house sans air-conditioning. I am enjoying discovering new flavors. I’m not into the fancy, the fondant and frilly cupcake trend. My cakes are simple and traditional (kinda like me).

Here’s what I’ve baked so far:
7-up Cake
Butter Pound Cake
Devil’s Bundt Cake
Carrot Cake Cookies (Ok, technically this was not a cake, but was like cake only small and flat.)
Banana Cake (so good!)
Pumpkin Cake
Chocolate Coconut Cake
This week’s cake___________??

So, let them eat cake. They won’t complain.

When I get a minute, I’ll post some pictures of the cakes.