Election day! (Yeah…that is about all the excitment I can manage.)

I voted early so I am just glad for the short reprieve from all of the campaign ads. I’m not terribly happy with the outcome in my state and many others, but at the end of it all I have to wonder how much it really matters. The mess of the Congress and Senate is just rediculous.

In other news…I made smothered pork chops for dinner last night with a delcious gravy (onions, beer, apple cider, thyme, etc.). It was very good. Also made spinach. The adults love spinach, turns out, the boy…not so much. And I never buy enough fresh spinach! It always seems like so much when it is fresh and so little when it is cooked. I probably need a bushel for one dinner. Ah well. I also made rice. That is significant because I don’t prefer rice. I prefer potatoes. But I bought a bag of rice for a Merguez chili a few weeks ago, so I have some on hand. It has been really good with the chili or course. Then with the beef short ribs. And now good with the pork chops. Turns out I can tolerate rice as long as there is some kind of sauce or gavy with it!!

Speaking of voting and choosing one over the other…I find very little difference between a good liver & onions and smothered pork chops—except for the protein of course. But the reception is SOOO different. And I get that some people just don’t like liver, but done well, I think they are equally delicious. I just think some people have had bad liver, decided they don’t like liver and vow to never have it again. Much like politics. It is all about perception and tastes. Sometimes people just want a change. (But no one wants to try the liver.)

Well, I guess that is it for my election day coverage. Pot is legal in D.C. I need it to be legal here so I can try out some marijuana recipies. That might be the business I can get into. High Cuisine…lol.