Compared to many, I bake often. I think I bake a cake, cookies, pie, etc. on average once a week. I’d bake more, but then we’d eat more. Besides, I like my baked goods fresh. The problem is, my motivation and energy level don’t always match my desire for a sweet treat. Druing the holidays, when frozen pies are nearly half price (or better with a coupon) I buy a couple and put them away for times when I need a fix.

My favorite thing to do is make cookie dough. My least favorite thing is to spend the following hour baking in batches, cooling, and storing all of the cookies. Not to mention the clean up. So, my solution is to make a half recipe of my favoite chocolate chip cookie dough, form it into a log (using plastic wrap) and putting it in the fridge. I do this when I DON”T WANT COOKIES. This is important because if you actually want cookies now, you’ve defeated the brilliance. Then if I want cookies hours or days later, just slice and bake a single sheet (half the log, mind you) for nine minutes. Cool (barely) and toss the piece of parchment paper in the trash…voila. Delicious, warm, homemade (and wholesome) cookies! And there is enough dough left to do it again tomorrow (or now if we really want to be piggies).

This method is great for surprise quests. I also like to bring a log to dinner parties and other get togethers. Who doesn’t love the smell of cookies baking? Go ahead, be a star. It is so easy.

But wait, there’s more. If you’re too lazy to form a log and then slice and bake the cookies, put the dough in a small, square baking dish…poof…BLONDIES! Yes…didnt know that did ya!? Bake the square for about 20-25 mins (it should still be a bit soft, toothpick will not come out clean…that’s perfect). Cut into squares and wrap individually if you aren’t going to share (please don’t eat the enitre large square!!).

I have two chocolate chip cookie recipes that I like to use: the traditional Toll House Cookie recipe and Ina Garten’s cookie/blondie recipe. Feel free to vary the flavor of the chips and make things interesting. Note: if you like to eat raw cookie dough, I recommend using paturized eggs in your recipe to avoid the possibility of sickness.

Happy baking!