I believe strongly that humans are omnivores and therefore should eat a little bit of everything and a lot of vegetation. I don’t think veganism is the answer to the worlds ills. People find ways to ruin everthing they over consume. So for me, the solution is to be a considerate eater. Try to know where your food comes from, how it was raised/grown/harvested and by whom. I wonder if vegans are as vigilant about the fair treatment of PEOPLE who pick the crops they consume (e.g. migrant workers, the quinoa troubles, etc.). If these signs at least encourage people to consider less meat or humanely raised animals, then I support them. I am not going to “go vegan”, but being more aware and more considerate of all life (plant and animal) has helped me become a better omnivore.


Go Vegan Billboard - Cow

The meat and dairy industries bombard Americans daily with aggressive, often-misleading messaging to convince people to consume more animal foods – a tactic discussed at length in Meatonomics. Now, in a refreshing counterpunch, advocacy group Animal Protection & Rescue League (APRL) has launched two “GO VEGAN” billboards next to a busy freeway in Los Angeles. It’s not cheap to design, create and run them – $13,500 for the first month, to be exact, but the economics make sense.

Go Vegan Billboard - Pigs

Together, the billboards are getting two million impressions per week – or eight million impressions over their four-week run. That’s about $0.002 per impression, or less than 1/35th the cost of vegan literature (which runs $60 per 1,000 fliers). While a flier in hand might provide a more detailed message than a “GO VEGAN” slogan glimpsed in passing, advertising lore says a message must reach a viewer nine times before…

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