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I like watching Bob’s Burgers, the animated show about a man, his humble RI restaurant and his quirky, loving family. It doesn’t matter if I’ve seen the episode before, I’ll still watch it if I’m cruising the channels and find that it is on. I don’t record it (though, now that I think about it, maybe I should) and I don’t even know when it regularly airs. Maybe I like the surprise of finding it. I don’t know.

I do know that I liked the surprise of finding out that another fan of the show has been blogging about and making real versions of the burgers that appear on the specials board of Bob’s Burgers. http://thebobsburgerexperiment.com And now the show’s creator Loren Bouchard is teaming up with fan-blogger Cole Bowden to make a cookbook of some of those (previously) gag-burgers.

I’ve seen the show. Funny. I’ve read the blog. Also funny, but it makes me hungry for a few of those burgers (maybe, that’s not funny). The cookbook is in the creation stage. Take a look at the blog and make a few of these burgers. You might be plesantly surprised at what you find. At worst, you can add some creativity to your burger game. It is late January, almost Superbowl. Who couldn’t use a good, comforting, soothing burger in their tummy?

And just imagine all of the creative fries to go along with some of these burgers: sweet potato fries, plantain fries, yucca fries, zucchini fries…. Mouth watering over here. Oh and the condiments, the bun varieties…Ok. I’ll stop now.

Take a peek at the blog. If you need a laugh, take a peek at the show. Make a burger, any kind of burger. Let me know how things turn out.