So I have begun my gig, volunteering at a local farmers market. Opening day was a chilly, 64*F, fun-filled event. There was a dancing carrot, face painting, flowers, a melange of produce and a motley crew of vendors and customers.

Four hours on my feet under threatening sky with nothing but a cup of coffee and a sample of pie in my tummy. Thursday (12 hours later) was not kind to me. I stayed in bed until noon–with the exception of a trip to the bathroom around 7am. I didn’t sleep well. The kid climbed into my bed before the sun was up and commenced with some conversation before he went to sleep for a few more hours. The DH, of course, slept through the whole thing. To top it off, I smelled gas. I went to the bathroom, opened the window and went back to bed. (It is an old stove. Gas leaks are common. I know, we should get it checked, repaired, replaced…something.)

About this market: it is small, but sufficient. It has just enough to meet my needs mid week. I really think I am going to enjoy my time there for the next 17 weeks. Remind me how cold it was on day one when I am sweating away my existence come August.

My task is to help market customers become better acquainted with the offerings of the market, how to store them and how to prepare them. On the first day we (I have a co-hort) mainly welcomed folks and gave out recipes and information.

I also left with some of spring’s bounty: asparagus, bok choi, strawberries, peppermint and radishes. I am going to enjoy this in so many ways. I can’t wait to share my market adventures with all of you. Ok…three of you.

Eat well, be well.