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So…it became clear that I have a thing with cheese. I seem to never have fewer than five types of cheese in my fridge at any given time. Funny because I am lactose intolerant (but apparently very cheese tolerant…well…depending on the cheese. But sometimes I am willing to be a dairy martyr).

Another oddity…mustard. I have at least four types of mustard on hand. Not sure why. I do not use mustard in everything. I mean, it’s not like it is salt or garlic. But I do like mustard. It adds a certain something to so many dishes. A little goes a long way, it is fat free, briny, tasty, rich. It also mixes well with sweet things like honey, jam, syrup, etc.

You know what I like with my cheese? Mustard. Hahahaha.

I guess I have these items in multiples because I like variety. I also like subtle changes. A hot dog with yellow mustard is slightly different than a hot dog with brown mustard. Honey mustard chicken with whole grain mustard is a bit fancier than chicken with regular honey mustard.

And cheeses…well, cheese offers so many options. Alone, with bread or crackers, as grilled cheese, melted into a sauce with pasta, draped lovingly over a burger or sprinkled gracefully on cauliflower. Cheese never lets me down.

And that gets me to wondering…if you cook (or don’t) what item is in your pantry or fridge in multiples? Olives, cookies, salt, vinegar (oh…I have about six vinegar types too…that will be another post)? Tell me, I want to know.