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I’ve learned a lot about how truly IGNORANT people are about the country they live, work, and vote in. It is so very sad. I don’t know where to lay the blame: parents, schools, individual motivation to learn. I think people really thought they didn’t need to pay attention in History/Government/Civics/Economics classes because it “didn’t interest” or “bored” them. Well guess what, now other people, some well-intended, many not, will be making decisions on your behalf because YOU decided that YOUR LIFE was going to be fine in the hands of others. Or worse, you are making poor decisions in the voting booth (if you even bother to vote) because you were too busy to be educated and informed about things that affect you.
And guess what? If you are over 18, it is f**king hard to learn all that stuff teachers tried to teach you NOW. Really, whose got that kinda time like we had in school? (*And there was so much more…they really can’t fit everything you need to know, absorb, understand into a school year for the years you are there. And in their defense and yours, you are expected to be able to comprehend something intended for very intelligent adults who already know this stuff (politicians…and sadly they are lacking in knowledge as well…have you heard some of these people talk about what they do, what they believe, why they take the actions they take?) How do you catch up when you are constantly bombarded with misinformation for sources you possibly can’t or shouldn’t trust?
You can learn. Tiny bites, bit by bit. Heck, take a class (there are some free ones), visit the library (some librarians would love to help you), call your former teacher (be brave), join a group, get one of those “for dummies” books! There are options besides ignorance. Once you’ve learned a little something, start asking questions. And don’t just accept one answer or the one you thought it was, or the one that aligns to your way of thinking. Listen to opposing views and voices. Find common ground. Really hear people who don’t live where you live, look like you look, have what you have. Turn off the TV for a week or more. Next try ignoring the internet for a week (this is a tough one). Go to a bookstore and look at how many books there are about so many differing opinions on the same topics. Listen to the soundtrack from Hamilton (that will at least get you some kind of foundation).
I don’t have all of the answers. I just think it is terribly sad how little so many of us know about something so very important. Do better people, do better.