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Sigh. Just sitting here thinking about all the foods I miss. Food conjures up so many memories. Sometimes I swear I can smell foods I haven’t had in decades. Where did all these lovelies go?

Unlike a past (human) love or an old song, we can’t relive food favorites. Sure, we can revisit a restaurant or make Grandma’s recipe, but somehow it isn’t quite the same. Some small changes make a huge difference: our aging taste buds, the company we kept then or keep now, the pan is not the same, the source of ingredients is different, the quality has gotten worse (or in some cases, better and that even changes things), the ambience…so many reasons.

I miss that corner store I’d run to after school, the bakery near church, the steak sub place that had THE BEST bread and perfect fries (and they delivered!), the seafood carry-out that was the most delicious messy thing ever put in styrofoam…mmmmmm. I miss my auntie’s cake and M’dear’s fried chicken. I miss my great-aunt’s chitterling preparation (even though I rarely ate any). I miss Mr. Stoftee in Brooklyn (old Brooklyn, not this hipster concoction).

I miss the hotels downtown that Mr. and I used to pop into for Happy Hour. They had carving stations with pit beef…yum. And the rolls. We’d fill up on the complimentary buffet, have a few drinks and then sit and wait for the bus home, laughing and talking the entire time.

I even find myself missing the types of budget friendly meals I used to make when time, money and my skill set was in short supply. (I miss you chicken cacciatore.) I’ll have to revisit some of these. This was good food and it was abundant. Now I know better, it will be “cleaner” and healthier (sometimes), but still tasty.

Of course, “nothing gold can stay” and new treasures are just around the corner. But if you have a food that you like a lot, enjoy the moment. Savor the experience. Fond food memories are better than horrible ones, after all.