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TW: child sexual abuse
Ugh…I watched The Keepers and Spotlight over the weekend. It was somewhat of a coincidence, but probably NOT a good idea.
The Keepers made me feel horrible on a number of levels. (*And at least two of those women seemed very familiar to me. I think I’ve met them through past jobs or schools.) And the fact that the setting is known to me, made it so much more grossly familiar. I’ve been down those streets, in those stores, passed those churches and schools. I did like that I could relate to the school, the Churches, the practice of Catholics, etc. I think sometimes people who weren’t raised Catholic don’t really understand the ease of this systemic abuse of trust and people’s strong defense of the RC Church.
After I watched The Keepers I was angry at the abusers. I’ve met and worked with many good members of the clergy. I was never abused (though given the levels of abuse and the statistics, I am sure that I know someone who has been). I was angry that these many bad people have ruined the reputation of the many more schools and churches and organization that have helped people. My heart breaks for the victims who were not heard, not believed, forced to retreat, banished by family & friends, lead to self abuse, committed suicide, …the unimaginable suffering and pain. And the three year statute of limitations…disgusting!! We all have an obligation to fix that.
Then I watched Spotlight. That was a look into the cover up by the Boston Archdiocese when they knew, without question that clergymen (and likely some women, though that was not addressed) were abusing children FOR DECADES. It furthered my belief that the RC Church is run like an organized crime syndicate. The orchestration employed to cover up CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN is mind boggling.
I’m glad I watched them, but it took a tool on my spirit. It really does “take a village to abuse a child” and hide it, in most cases.
Not that you asked, but I also watched Wonder Woman (meh…the real Wonder Women were in The Keepers), Lion (good but white saviors I can do without) Far From the Maddening Crowd (kinda maddening actually) and Tammy (’cause it was on and Melissa McCarthy makes everything better).